Below you’ll find information on what I do, how I do it, and what I charge. If you have any questions, please email me at


I can help with many devices, situations and needs. Here are some:

General fixes for all problematic or non-functioning computers, printers, smartphones, tablets and devices
Setting up a new computer & transferring old files
◦Help shopping for new computers or other devices
◦ Setting up home or business networks
◦ Setting up backups & retrieving files
◦Troubleshooting just about anything electronic
◦ Advice & recommendations on anything computer-related
◦ Upgrade/install hardware like RAM, drives, printers
Windows and Mac
Tutorials on just about anything
General troubleshooting
Internet connectivity problems/networking issues

Data file recovery/retrieval



COVID Policies & Practice:
Through the pandemic, I’ve been working a hybrid of on-site work and remote sessions using Team Viewer. As of now (December 2022), I am doing primarily remote service, and will be doing on-site visits where being physically present is needed. For all on-site visits, I will wear an N95 mask at all times and will invite (but not require) you to wear a mask as well. I will be adjusting these practices as changes in the pandemic and the science warrant.


Data Retention Policy:
I often back up files to an external drive, sometimes for simple safekeeping, sometimes for data transfers. I hold on to those files for 30 days and then fully delete, unless you and I make a different agreement. If you want them deleted immediately, I’m happy to do that. If you’d like a copy of them on an external medium (e.g., thumb drive or external drive) I can copy them on there for safekeeping. Some legal stuff: I cannot in any way accept financial or legal responsibility for data on computers. Any work on files/data is considered labor services only and I cannot take responsibility for them, despite my best efforts. It is critical that you have a backup of your data before I begin any work on your computer.








Remote work: $110/hr. /$100/hr. for non-profit organizations
On-site work: $120/hr/$110 on-site for non-profits
Travel fee: billable time begins at 10 miles from my

home office in Dummerston, Vermont
Weekends, holidays and emergencies: a $50 emergency charge will be added to any work outside regular hours
Finding you a new computer: $25
Emails that include solutions/answers to issues will be billed by the quarter hour. Scheduling and other non-solution emails are, of course, no charge.
I accept PayPal, CA$H app, Venmo and credit cards as payment, and of course, personal checks. Payment is

due upon receipt of an invoice.
If a job looks like it will take longer than expected, I

will let you know and ask if you want me to proceed,

or we can discuss options.

Invoices are payable upon receipt.