The Fearless Computing Story


Back in 1999, I was the Data Manager/Computer Guy at a local Early Head Start agency (Early Education Services) in Brattleboro Vermont. Often co-workers would ask me to come by their house to help with a computer problem, and they’d make me dinner. It occurred to me that there was really no one in the area doing on-site computer repair and consultation. In October, 2000, I started Fearless Computing and almost 20 years later, I’m still doing all I can to help my many clients. I aim to avoid “geek talk” wherever possible, and I treat people fairly and respectfully always. Not everyone is a natural when it comes to technology, and unlike many computer pros I’ve known, bedside (deskside?) manner is a big focus of mine. If a person is freaked out by their computer, they are more likely to encounter problems.


I offer discounted rates for non-profits, elders, and anyone with financial constraints. I make a living, but I don’t need to make a killing on the backs of others. Everybody deserves a reliable, working computer. So if money is an issue, talk to me about it and I’ll find a way to help you.


Steve West